View Full Version : Token "dude" from Survivor is a big Mr. Show fan

09-24-2003, 08:40 AM
Not the band Survivor (Eye of the Tiger, remember that one?), the TV show.

I was wasting time and I found this info about a contestant on the new Survivor (does anyone watch that show still?):


Jon Dalton. Each season has its token "dude," and Jon is the "dude" for Survivor 7. Just look at his photo. Dude! Jon says he is confident in his chances because of his leadership ability, strong work ethic, and other traits that have been claimed by every Survivor contestant, ever. Despite his optimism, Jon may suffer when he learns there is no Mr. Show on the island. The "favorites" usually showcase a few different aspects of a contestants life, but not Jon. First on the list of TV shows is Mr. Show, natch. David Cross, star of Mr. Show, tops the actors list. Mr. Show comedienne Sarah Silverman graces the No. 1 spot for actresses. Finally, Jon's book of choice is Mr. Show: What Happened?! It was cancelled. Move on, dude. Move on.