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11-23-2010, 02:05 AM
The on-screen reunion that lots of Disney classics dvd (http://www.cartoon77.com/disney.html)felt had to happen before ER could properly end its 15-year-run will arrive to the lion king on dvd (http://www.cartoon77.com/products/The-Lion-King-1-3-Complete-DVD-Box-Set-DVD-9-cartoon-1791.html)fruition in the end.

Though neither NBC nor Warner Bros. Doraemon dvd (http://www.cartoon77.com/products/Doraemon-Complete-Series--OVA-Collection-DVD-Boxset-cartoon-1472.html)have not yet officially read the news, sources tell our interviewer family guy dvd set (http://www.cartoon77.com/products/Family-Guy-Seasons-1-8-DVD-Box-Set-cartoon-1976.html)that both George Clooney and Julianna Margulies ?Hayao Miyazaki Collection (http://www.cartoon77.com/products/Hayao-Miyazaki-Animation-Special-DVD-Collection-cartoon-2020.html)a aka among the medical drama's premiere on-screen couples, Dr. Doug Ross and Carol Hathaway ? A will resurface in a single episode before County General shutters Mickey Mouse Clubhouse dvd (http://www.cartoon77.com/products/Mickey-Mouse-Clubhouse-Complete-Series-DVD-Boxset-cartoon-1481.html)its doors on April 2. Both actors are reportedly filming their scenes soon, on a closed set.

Clooney last checked into ER in May 2000, making an unbilled, end-of-episode South park box set (http://www.cartoon77.com/products/South-Park-Seasons-1-13-DVD-Boxset-cartoon-1851.html)appearance in order to properly usher off Margulies' nurse Hathaway. The secretly filmed scene had Carol approaching a dock, where Doug waited for her, smiling yet silent.

simpsons season dvd (http://www.cartoon77.com/products/The-Simpsons-Seasons-1-21-DVD-Box-Set-cartoon-1996.html)Merely a week ago at the TCA Winter Press Tour, the interviewer asked NBC entertainment president Angela Bromstad if for example the extension of ER's final run by three episodes might afford Cold Case dvd (http://www.cartoon77.com/products/Cold-Case-Seasons-1-7-DVD-Box-Set-cartoon-1960.html) John Wells more time to chat Clooney into an encore. Her response: "Ask John Wells." Days later, the ER boss actually dismissed the thought, talking about Clooney ? A whose Criminal Minds DVD (http://www.cartoon77.com/products/Criminal-Minds-Seasons-1-5-DVD-Box-Set-cartoon-1985.html)film career has soared in the last decade ? A is "too busy."

Certainly, Clooney's publicist even as September pulled a Debbie Downer by deflating talk of the movie star's possible drop-by, saying, "It can be something he's got already done."

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