View Full Version : what is a "crazy bomb"?

05-19-2010, 06:25 AM
women tend to have this complaint that i understand: "he was all right until he got married." that sort of man is a Pig Bomb. Once he gets that ring on her finger he stops trying and she starts crying. There goes the six pack. He stops washing between his legs. Football and beer and maybe, just maybe after about three weeks to a year, he loses interest in sex --- with HER...


Do you know what a Crazy Bomb is? I won't conjecture, I will be straight the fuck up. I love Matt Damon's work. I don't envy him one little bit because he couldn't just have sex with her. No, she OWNED HIM INTERNATIONALLY. "I'm fuckin' Matt Damon!" yeah, it was funny. It was. I laughed, I fucking cheered...do you know about the Kimmel Center?


It occurred to me that Sarah Silverman was THE SINGULAR MOST GIGANTIC WHORE THAT HAS EVER EXISTED. She could be in a movie trampling Tokyo. Then you know she'd be fucking Godzilla. For the ratings.

It's okay. Most people are slightly to completely insane. But...sometimes you want to get together with someone who is not going to turn into the most insanely useless person ever to have access to sharps and drugs while you're sleeping.

A crazy bomb. As in, you think it's gonna be cool. You meet her at a bar, you're friends for life. She calls you a few times, whoa, she's not just looking. Sex happens. It's everything you thought it would be, and then the invisible hooks are under your skin. She's a lamprey...

I love her comedy and she's wonderful to see. I am so glad I am NOT FAMOUS so that that sudden attention sucking enquiry of the person who KNOWS that nobody else has a vagina. Nobody.

In a related story, Margaret Cho reported that she has never had an orgasm from intercourse. Maybe she was lying. Maybe she has not made the connection that sprinkling "Crack!"(TM) on the clitoris only feels good for a few seconds until it all goes numb. I am not her personal friend...someone help her.

By which I mean, do not buy her crack.

I mean, do not purchase crack for her. Do what you want.

It's not my world. It's the white man's world.


Remember, Barack Obama is not a capable leader because HIS MOTHER WAS A WOMAN.

(conspiracy theory)