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06-24-2010, 01:54 AM
so i don't know what prizes to give out.
the whole idea of a non-competitive game show is easy enough: the "contestants" know beforehand that although show is STAGED like a competition -- the real idea is simply to put on a funny show -- a show to shame the DUMB RACIST drunk humor on Chelsea Lately -- utterly, like put it out at the exact same times and hurt E!s ratings.

Our motto E! The Evil! Network. And none of it is actually funny. We sort of have the attitude of the women who are really funny who smirk hotly when someone tells that "how many feminists..." joke -- and then diss those dudes and go elsewhere with their cool friends and we laugh our asses off and Handler and her handlers would just stare stupidly.

and it's a game show and there are prizes. i'm currently asking the hotfax girls but i don't know, they might just be too geek to have a good time.

what prizes? probably...just paying the fake contestants like actors -- and then creating mock prizes like portraits of Gweneth Paltrow or Harrison Ford looking mildly hammered -- and that's the whole point of the show -- a 28 minute quiz show -- multimedia - where the contestants look at pix of people and have to guess if the celebs were drunk or not when the pix were taken.

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