View Full Version : JuanBallsac Does the Aristocrats!

08-20-2005, 11:39 PM

Any of you seen this movie?

Anyone heard the joke?

If so here is my version.

2 Guys walk into a talent agents office, each holding a bag, and a Gatorade bottle filled with AIDS infected cum. The first guy says "sir may we bestow our act upon you, please. Fifteen minutes not one second more." The talent agent says "O.k. you got fifteen minutes." The first gentleman proceeds to down the AIDS infested cum, some of which trickles down his chin ever so naughty. The second gentleman pulls a syringe and a baby out of his bag. He then draws some AIDS infested cum into the needle. Next he injects it into the angelic childs soft spot. The blood starts to flow fast but is quickly stopped by the first mans AIDS infested cum/vomit. Then out of his bag emerges a large bowl, which the 2 gentleman start to shit in. After mixing in a little AIDS infested cum they box up the mixture. The box indicates it is going to be mailed to Tsunami victims. Next a Mailman nonchalontly comes in and gets the package. Then the baby dies of a horrible seizure. The talent agent says "Whoa. I got to admit fellas this is a little......out there. I mean what do you call something like this?" They reply, "the Aristocrats."

The movie is a true testament to the creative process. Thumbs up.