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02-08-2004, 09:53 AM
Janeane Garofalo speaks out about FOX NEWS
[interview snippet from the new issue of Numb Magazine]

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Janeane Garofalo: Itís not news, but unfortunately some people are under the impression it is, and then, some people know that it isnít, but it feeds their need, so they are quite willing to take homeland propaganda as news and then use it as fuel to feed their misperceptions and anger management problems. Itís dangerous and destructive. Unexamined patriotism in the wrong hands is like a loaded gun. Itís incredibly dangerous and a form of narcissism that gets people into trouble. Fox feeds narcissism in a strange way.

Jewel Blackfeather Welter: When Iíve seen pieces those sources have done, Iíve been really disgusted because they want to show whatís ugly.

Janeane: I can attest that thatís a fact. They do that, but they donít see that they embarrass themselves. They do it with zero self-awareness. What they do is reveal themselves as hacks.

Jewel: Because of what they choose to focus on.

Janeane: Right, but also that they even are wasting your time with it on an alleged news network.

Jewel: Alleged is a good word.

Janeane: It is an alleged news network. Itís the official network of homeland security, and it is not news. It is a version of events that occur and then, itís editorialized to the Right. So, itís hard to write something funny about something that you think is degrading culture. The essays (in my book), there are things that are not funny. Yet, in this case, I want the book to be somewhat humorous because it can be more enjoyable to read about different cultures if youíre laughing. At the same time, when you see something like Fox News that you feel is actually preventing us, as a culture, from moving forward, that's what feels so unjust.

It degrades culture because then, youíll see a poll, ďSixty percent of Americans think that George Bush is doing a great job.Ē Why is that? Because theyíre misinformed. Itís not because heís doing a great job. Itís because theyíre getting spin. Most people donít know whatís going on. They may think heís doing a good job, and what that means is A.) theyíre not paying attention or B.) they only get their news from corporate establishment news sources, which means they have no idea.

Jewel: Their reactions are endemic of forced ignorance, where itís like what I call the Ostrich Syndrome: they want to have their heads in the sand and think the Presidentís a great guy because acknowledging heís not means a bleaker reality.

Janeane: Itís a psychological need that leads to what youíre talking about, willful ignorance, a placing of oneís head in the sand because you canít emotionally handle the idea of being so poorly led as a country by a President (President Bush), who is clearly one of the worst presidents historically weíve ever had. Thereís nothing wrong in saying that. If you do your homework and educate yourself about American domestic and foreign policy through the years, youíll see that President Bush is probably one of the worst in the last two hundred-some-odd years of this country. Other people know it, too. Thatís why he has such a protective PR team that Karl Rove manages. If Bush was truly as popular and competent as people say, he wouldnít need all the money and PR, including whole networks and newspapers, owned by Rupert Murdock that pretend that heís a good guy. If he was a good guy . . .


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