View Full Version : Season 2 of Entourage involved a great race.

03-01-2011, 12:57 AM
The funny thing is that the HBO series, they all seem to be getting better with time Entourage DVD (http://www.dvdhotdeal.com/entourage-seasons-1-7-dvd-boxset.html). While I thought the second season of Entourage, which involved a great race again Ari Gold is the best this season has been excellent by itself, as it is finally starting to see the results The L Word DVD (http://www.dvdhotdeal.com/the-l-word-seasons-1-6-dvd-boxset.html) and the human side of Vincent Chase. Chase was allowed to remain an enigma to most outside the series. It seems that no matter the money, power and one of the other benefits of being a celebrity. He alienated the producers, directors, agents and colleagues star on a whim, apparently without any negative repercussions Walt Disney DVD 164 Discs (http://www.dvdhotdeal.com/walt-disneys-100-years-of-magic-164-discs-dvd-boxset.html) for him. In season 5, the crows began to circle around Chase and his place among Hollywood stars return in doubt. Chase is the will to succeed, or was he just a pretty boy who had some lucky breaks? Is his assumption that the money continue to flow, as it keeps a house, but a positive attitude still valid 24 Hours DVD (http://www.dvdhotdeal.com/24-hours-twenty-four-seasons-1-8-dvd-boxset.html)? What happens to his relationship with his agent, Ari and publicist, Shauna his star begins to fade? And more importantly, the end of the series Vincent Chase resigned to suffer the same fate as his older brother, Johnny Drama --- an actor who could be a star, but if circumstances and the arrogance it derailed? In essence, as I Season 5 Dexter DVD (http://www.dvdhotdeal.com/dexter-seasons-1-4-dvd-boxset-1.html) because, as funny and cool as he was, he subtly reminds us that Hollywood is as much a city rat race like any other place, and there better nature.