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03-01-2011, 03:53 AM
How should I feel?

It will be our third anniversary end of this month we had our first child in October. We moved in together about 6 months before being married while dating the sex toys (http://www.sextoyfancy.com/)
sex was great. As soon as we moved in together it started to dwindle quickly. I work out of town for weeks at a time so that makes it even more difficult.

First it started with dividing the bed (king size) with kitty beds and rolling herself in 2-3 blankets at bedtime. Whenever I try to initiate she just rolls over and wants a back-rub which 9 out of 10 turn into her falling asleep (or faking falling asleep). If I push hard enough I get what I consider pity sex or if we have had a few drinks she actually shows interest. I literally have to beg.

She says it is all my fault I don't show any affection other than wanting sex and there is no romance. For the record I am not nor have a ever been a super affectionate person. She basically makes no effort. When I come home I do more than my share around the house thinking it might help.

So here is the kicker.......last year we had some friends visiting out have a few ****tails and she made the comment that she had two Vibrators (http://www.sextoyfancy.com/Vibrators-48-b0-1.html)
. Stunned I said nothing and thought to myself being away from home a lot it is better than the alternative (finding another man). Shortly after the shock wore off from the comment said I did not appreciate her women sex toys (http://www.sextoyfancy.com/Womens-Sex-Toys-52-b0-1.html)
.So, two days after we have a difficult discussion about how our sex life is a joke and it's all my fault I find her Vibrators (http://www.sextoyfancy.com/Vibrators-48-b0-1.html) in the sock drawer. I confront her she says she does not remember any conversations about having it or that I didn't like it. Also that it has not been used in the last year so I ask why do you still have it all I get is I don't know it was really expensive line of crap and that she is sorry.

The next three days I get a kiss good-night and daytime sex sex toys (http://www.sextoyfancy.com/)
while the baby is napping. I can only imagine it is strictly guilt sex toys (http://www.sextoyfancy.com/)
. After the three days it was back to begging.

I have not been myself lately very depressed and resentful of my wife. The dis-trust monster is starting to show it's ugly head. I know I should let it go but the last three years of little or now sex and blaming me for it while she is pleasuring herself with someone else s Male Masturbators (http://www.sextoyfancy.com/Mature-Lady-Live-Mode-UR3-MILF-Pussy-and-ASS-sextoy-2159.html)
????? This was the icing on the cake to what I feel is not a healthy marriage.