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03-23-2011, 03:03 AM
I've never been a fan of the original series, but since I loved David Tennant as the doctor that I was hooked. David Tennant is funny, beautiful and very talented. I love stories and never miss an episode.Doctor Who (http://www.dvdsetshack.com/doctor-who-seasons-15-dvd-boxset-p-3950.html) is a Time Lord, which is over 900 years and remains the only fellow who knows. It has two cores and moves in a telephone booth that transports him inside and outside of time and worlds and parallel universes. There was a girl in a world for one day only to lose in a fight that occurred before a bullet meant for him. Once she discovered she was married to a different time to see him die before he traveled through time to save his life. He lost a lot of people in his travels and many friends. If you have not seen Doctor Who (http://www.dvdsetshack.com/doctor-who-seasons-15-dvd-boxset-p-3950.html) and have cable, you must take on the BBC, is one of the best shows there.
Doctor Who (http://www.dvdsetshack.com/doctor-who-seasons-15-dvd-boxset-p-3950.html) is one of the shows most beloved science fiction, and the longest time. The older generation saw the black and white version has proposed a package of exciting alien worlds, futures fantastic and extraordinary historical tales wrapped in an adventure course in medical and his companions chosen policebox most talented in the world: Tardis.
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