View Full Version : Looking for David Cross appearances

02-16-2004, 08:15 PM

I was wondering if any brave soul out there could help me. I'm looking for the following Dave Cross appearances, which I had on tape, but lost in a flood (so lame, yet so true). If anyone has ANY or better yet all of these, and can make me a copy on VHS, please e-mail me : jjaviermd @ aol (I prefer if you email me, as I don't often check these boards) . I'll pay for shipping and cost of tape(s) of course. Thanks!

Ok, here's what I need:

1. Just Shoot Me - all 3 episodes he was in: "Slow Donnie episode # 3.11", "Donnie Returns episode # 5.4", and "Donnie Redeemed, episode 7.16".

2. "David Cross: The Pride is back"

3. Newsradio - "Chock" episode # 4.11

4. Arrested Development - "Pilot" and " Storming the Castle" episode #9

5.Mr Show, Season 4: "403 - Show me your weenis", "404 - "Rudy will await your foundation"

That's it!!