View Full Version : Difficult to stop watching Criminal Minds

06-23-2011, 03:05 AM
Criminal Minds DVD (http://www.dvdhotdeal.com/criminal-minds-seasons-1-6-dvd-boxset.html) centres around the BAU (Behavioral Analysis Unit) department of the FBI, and the small team who work there. Sons of Anarchy DVD (http://www.dvdhotdeal.com/sons-of-anarchy-seasons-1-3-dvd-boxset.html) The story lines are brilliant, none are unbelievable, its fascinating watching Gideon ( Mandy Patinkin ) and the group come up with a profile of the killer or abductors, it has to be said even they can be fooled by the killer or killers, but with more observation they get there man or woman. Bones DVD (http://www.dvdhotdeal.com/bones-seasons-1-6-dvd-boxset.html) These profilers analyse the evidence found at crimes - primarily murders, but sometimes kidnappings, arson, etc - and use it to construct a picture of the perpetrator. Grey's Anatomy DVD (http://www.dvdhotdeal.com/greys-anatomy-seasons-1-7-dvd-boxset.html) This show differs from all the other "cop shows" in that it approaches it all from a completely different angle. One Tree Hill DVD (http://www.dvdhotdeal.com/one-tree-hill-seasons-1-8-dvd-boxset.html) Where CSI, etc, look at the crime and follow that trail, the BAU's only interest in the crime itself is what it can tell them about the individual/s. And it is absolutely fascinating.