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07-16-2011, 01:02 AM
weeds dvd on sale (http://www.dvdbestshop.com/weeds-seasons-16-dvd-boxset-p-3820.html) I have been watching this show from the start, and it swear it gets funnier and funnier each season! The writing is original....there isn't another show on tv like it. The cast is truly gifted. They all mesh very well. And the list of guest stars! quality two and a half men dvd (http://www.dvdbestshop.com/two-and-a-half-men-seasons-18-dvd-boxset-p-4098.html) Matthew Modine....The Olsen girl....just awesome! The fact that it is on Showtime means they can really tell a great story. criminal minds dvd on sale (http://www.dvdbestshop.com/criminal-minds-seasons-16-dvd-boxset-p-4116.html) Nothing censored! I have watched Weeds since the beginning of the first season and it took me about 2-3 episodes to get hooked, but I have considered the show to be pretty great since then. Like a fine wine (or other intoxicant), this show gets better and better with time and I really have to say that season 3 has been the best so far. quality grey's anatomy dvd (http://www.dvdbestshop.com/greys-anatomy-seasons-17-dvd-boxset-p-4112.html) It's also the longest season so far, so that makes up for the episodes only being about a half hour each.this is the best show out there! This show comes on one of the movie networks i don't have and just happened to catch it at a friends house and the next day i added the network to my package just to watch this show. csi lasvegas dvd on sale (http://www.dvdbestshop.com/csi-lasvegas-seasons-111-dvd-boxset-p-4120.html) I have bought every season that has come out on dvd. The storyline is clever and witty with an edge into a family that represents hardships people face. Watch this!