View Full Version : Nice TV Show: OTH Season 8

12-16-2011, 01:25 AM
I am pleased with the latest season of One Tree Hill DVD (http://www.dvdhotdeal.com/one-tree-hill-seasons-1-8-dvd-boxset.html) is my favorite, having heard they were going to spend 6 years in the future and having seen the first episode, I felt a bit like the program had changed too, the characters do not were really not together Criminal Minds DVD (http://www.dvdhotdeal.com/criminal-minds-seasons-1-6-dvd-boxset.html) and it was a shock to see them all with new careers and things. However, the series has grown in strength and is easily as good or better than in the past. Sons of Anarchy DVD (http://www.dvdhotdeal.com/sons-of-anarchy-seasons-1-3-dvd-boxset.html) We have a drama with a nanny Carrie Naley mix of vile things, a wedding, a new singer for Peyton to run, of course, some Basketball Dan and wrong, and the series ends in a cliffhanger incredible... Bones DVD (http://www.dvdhotdeal.com/bones-seasons-1-6-dvd-boxset.html) I could imagine the show being as good if it had moved onto college life for the characters. This was a truly excellent season, it had the same thrills of new adventures and development as season 1 did. How I Met Your Mother DVD (http://www.dvdhotdeal.com/how-i-met-your-mother-seasons-1-6-dvd-boxset.html)