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03-23-2012, 02:39 AM
Nowadays, many people like setting password to protect their privacy. Have you ever met the situation that the PDF file could not be viewed normally? When you opened the PDF file by "Preview" program, it required you to type the password. Sometimes, encrypted PDF files can get really annoying. If you want to remove the user password from encrypted PDF files, what you need is a PDF Password Remover (http://www.pdf-password-remover.net/).

PDF Password Remover for Mac (http://www.pdf-password-remover.net/) is an easy-to-use PDF cracker that helps Mac users to remove PDF open password in seconds. What's more, the printing, editing and copying restrictions can be removed as well. Just with three simple steps, you can get decrypted PDF files at ease.

Step by step to remove PDF open password on Mac (http://www.pdf-password-remover.net/macosx/remove-open-password-from-pdf-mac.php)

Step 1, Installation
Install the program on your Mac computer and then launch it.
Step 2, Import PDF files
Drag the encrypted PDF files to the program directly. Or click "File--> Load PDF Files" to add them to the program.
Step 3, Remove PDF password
After adding the PDF files to the program, you can see a small lock icon beside the PDF icon. Click the lock icon to type the PDF open password in advance. Then hit "Start" button to start removing process.

Video Guide: www.youtube.com/watch?v=UX3eJ-Fl_1U


Later, you can view the PDF files directly by clicking the PDF icon without lock. Or click "Preferences.." from menu bar to find decrypted PDF files in folder. Now, you can reuse the PDF files as you like.

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