View Full Version : Android App Manager - How to install & uninstall your Android Phone Apps on Mac

10-16-2012, 09:03 PM

Obviously, manage android phone apps on computer (http://www.android-manager.net/MacOSX/Install_Uninstall_Android_Apps.php) is more convenient than manage them on smartphone. Especially for people who have installed a great number of apps. I have got an Android Phone, HTC Sensation Z710e. And here I’d like to share my experience of managing smartphone’s apps with you.

MobileGo for Android (http://www.android-manager.net/MacOSX/) is the best management tool that I have ever used. With it, you can install apps to SD Card or Phone Storage and uninstall the useless apps on Mac directly. What’s more, you can export the apps from your smartphone to Mac as well. See how it works in details.

Watch Video Demo: