View Full Version : 1 Click to Clean up iTunes Music Library and Repair iTunes Information on Mac

07-02-2013, 03:35 AM
Did you meet these when using iTunes?
Duplicates music in iTunes Music Library,
Misspelled Songs, Artists, and Album Details,
Blanking album art, gerne and other music information.

With Tunes Cleaner for Mac, you can easily delete or remove duplicates music in iTunes, repair misspelled Songs, Artists, and Album Details, Add missing album art, gerne and more informations for your music in iTunes.

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Tunes Cleaner for Mac (http://www.clean-up-itunes.com/)

* Automatically clean up iTunes music library and external music library
* Automatically get music tags for iTunes and external music library
* Delete duplicates in music library intelligently
* Get album artwork for music files thru powerful online base easily
* Allow manual fixing of some unfixed music files
* Apply fixed music information to iTunes in one click