View Full Version : Delete Video on Reselling iPhone/iPad/iPod, Avoid Being Restored

04-04-2014, 01:58 AM
When you are going to resell your old iOS device, don't leave your personal information vulnerable to identify thieves. Many files on iPhone such as photos, videos, contacts, messages can be restored through a type of programs like iPhone Data Recovery (http://t.co/G4VER2z00k).

SafeEraser can help you erase your videos from your iPad/iPhone/iPod touch completely. All of videos on your iDevices from deleted to current, recorded or transferred videos. Nothing Recoverable, and make the iOS device as a new one.

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SafeEraser ( iOS Data Eraser )
> Permanently Wipe All Personal Info from iPhone, iPad & iPod
> Erase Traces of the Deleted Files on iPhone, iPad & iPod
> Works with all iOS devices - Jailbroken & Locked iPhone