View Full Version : 2 KitH related movies.

08-04-2006, 01:42 PM
we've talked about The Wrong Guy before



But another movie with appearances by David Foley and Scott Thompson came out called "Ham and Cheese"


the movie is really good. It stars Jason Jones and Samantha Bee from the Daily Show. And Mike Beaver another Canadian actor who does a good job with a really silly character in this movie.

The movie basically follows 2 shitty actors trying to make it.

I know alot of people don't like Jason Jones on TDS, but he is really awesome in this role.

If you haven't seen Ham and Cheese, go find it.

There is a scene where one of the guys is auditioning for a pepsi commercial and he gets high for the first time in his life right before the audition. Sounds stupid, but it works so damn well in the movie.