View Full Version : Last Night on Larry King

06-03-2004, 12:51 PM
Anyone see the show last night? I'm not a fan but I thought Bill did pretty well... except when he was super-hypocrtitcal... he said he was mad that Bush wanted to tear down the prison because "it's the people who are the problem, not the building" and then later Bill said "Religion is stupid"... For me, I would say "it's the people who are the problem, not the religion"

Boo-YA! Take that retort Bill Maher... who will never read this.

anyone see it?

06-03-2004, 06:28 PM
Uh-oh! Is that a juicy religious debate I smell?

I don't see that as being hypocritical. I suppose I can understand how one might see it that way though. But religion is not the same thing as a building. And he doesn't seem to be saying that religion should be "torn down", really. (I should mention, to be fair, that I didn't see him on King, so I'm making some assumptions.) See, I can say that "Friends" was a stupid show. I can say it's completely unrealistic. I can wonder allowed what kind of a fucking moron would feel the need to check it out once a week, let alone those freaks that make it a DAILY ritual! But all that is different from saying that YOU shouldn't watch it or it shouldn't be a viewing option for the masses who will never understand that The Bob is the only TRUE path to enlightenment.

Booosh seems (generally speaking) to like the idea of making personal decisions for you. Maher will tell you exactly what HE thinks, and he'll tell you why he thinks that, but he wants individual decisions to be made individually.

Hey, maybe this doesn't have to become a religious debate after all. :D