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DoctorDelicious 04-21-2007 04:49 AM

Someone fix the color scheme over there. I work in the dark, and I cant read it at all, and I think Im a mod or some shit.

Also, if we post over there, Ill miss upskii.

aussiefan 04-21-2007 05:40 AM

Seriously Seth, the colour scheme is pretty annoying.

ME!!!! 04-21-2007 07:43 AM

sell out. _

joebert 04-21-2007 04:55 PM

What happened to "noon" and "ooon" ?

ME!!!! 04-21-2007 06:21 PM

too soon??

aussiefan 04-21-2007 07:42 PM

Pat Boone..

aussiefan 04-21-2007 10:38 PM

Maroon 5 were not on the Platoon soundtrack

joebert 04-21-2007 11:30 PM

You went from moon to poon, skipping noon & ooon.

DoctorDelicious 04-22-2007 02:20 AM

pollypry 04-23-2007 05:23 PM

I don't understand a word you fags say over there.

scotch-romanian 04-23-2007 06:12 PM

no girls allowed

5InchTaint 04-23-2007 06:33 PM

no grown-ups allowed either apparently

AndersLevant 04-23-2007 07:19 PM

Thanks for the heads up, B.

ritzik 07-02-2007 01:39 PM

Where's the gang posting these days?

Grinch-Gibbons 07-14-2007 01:49 AM

pip ... pip
I like that cartoon because it has something serious to say about the times before, as well as the times ahead.
Jolly well done.

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