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maxwell 03-23-2015 04:29 AM

"When You Are Bringing Pitch"
when you're bringing pitch, there are some questions you have to ask yourself.
  • do the bums really need another half-gal of vodka?
  • or are they already drunk enough? have they started or finished their fights for the day/night yet?
  • suppose you want to drink alone. then, what?

another pitch was to Eddie Murphy. I was to play the son of the "Reggie Hammond" character he created, "Hermes Hammon." My greatgrandfather was an East Coast Edward, so it was a short jump for me. And, he DIED before I was born, so it was intuitive for me, yet easy...my greatgrandmother died in 2009, her husband Ed D. died in 1960. That, and the out-of-nowhere popularity of Charlie Murphy made it easy for me to come up with the "Hermes Hammond" character for Arrow Six that I am now pitching at Brad Wollack and Lucy Lawless. There's a lot of vodka in Arrow Six, too, a lot of action takes place in the former U. S. S. R. jokes, action, detective work, it's hard boiled deadpan crime comedy. Brad was the first one to rush up and befriend me at Borderlineamazingcomedy and I dug that, I appreciated it. It's good to have people like that appreciate your work as soon as they see it.

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