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spelling bee champ
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I just checked my messages on MySpace and I got something from Julie's family asking if anyone has any contact info for Sarah's family. They apparently don't know yet. This gets sadder and sadder. If anyone has any information please get it to me or to Julie's family ASAP.
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spelling bee champ
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More info from her away message:

"Tentatively, services will be held Wednesday at 10am at Mission off Cherry Ridge. We will have a more definite schedule after a meeting tomorrow morning.


WOAI will air a short tribute on the 10pm news.

FOX will be doing the same on the 9pm news.."
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spelling bee champ
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Re-reading this thead and looking through all her goofball puns has made me realize how much of an impact she truly had on me, not just because she was a great friend and a completely terrific person, but she actually, measurably influenced the way that I make jokes and write humor.

I hope this doesn't look like tasteless self-promotion, because that's the last thing I want anyone to think, but the last update I wrote for somethingawful was basically just an excuse to make as many dumb puns as I could. I submitted it about 10 minutes after I heard the news about Julie, and when I was writing it, I thought it was lame as hell, but upon re-reading it, I realize that it's pretty much chock full of Julie jokes, and it's my favorite thing that I've ever written, although it's not half as clever or goofy or strange as the stuff that came out of her.

Also, I put an RIP about her and Sarah in my Daily Dirt, which I hope wasn't too tastless. I don't know why I did it. I guess it was as much for me as for anyone else. I just want people to realize that someone funny isn't going to get to make us laugh anymore.

I'm really drunk and miserable and not composed and I've only gotten about 4 hours of sleep in the last 48 hours so if any of this is awful and crappy and disrespectful, someone please tell me and I'll change whatever anyone wants.
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Still Thinks Sat Night Live is Funny
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My condolences to all those that knew her. I hope her family knows how much she meant to the people here. (man, it's so hard to not come off cliched or stodgy in a situation like this but sometimes maybe that's okay.)
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Julie you will be missed.

My deepest sympathy goes out to her family and close friends who have to deal with this tragic loss.
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Still Thinks Sat Night Live is Funny
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I'm totally new here, but my heart goes out to those who knew this young woman. Losing someone this suddenly and appearantly senselessly makes the pain that much more raw.
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Mr. Show Roadie
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I've been told that everyone who wishes to should please send flowers to:

Mission Park North
3401 Cherry Ridge St
San Antonio, TX 78230

The service is going to be there at Noon this Wednesday and she will be buried at Mission Park Cemetary.
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It really sucks that something like this had to happen. I didn't know her much but the private messages sent back and fourth with her showed me she was a character. Her death had quite an impact on quite a few peoples lives so it goes to show that she was loved. My condolences go out to her family. Sorry it had to happen to soon.

R.I.P. Julie
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Originally posted by AHK86
Her death had quite an impact on quite a few peoples lives so it goes to show that she was loved.
This actually sounds like something Steve Kinda would say, so I'm sure Julie would have appreciated it.
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Wow. This is unbelievable. I feel like I'm going to throwup. Very depressing. I'm at a loss for words but Julie was an awesome person and this is really tragic. I regret not being able to meet her in person. It's a very sad day.
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For once I am looking at an empty text-box on BUTM and am at a total loss for words. So bear with me, jerks.

I've been sitting here for more than 30 minutes trying to figure out what the hell to write, but with 41 posts already submitted on her behalf I am not sure what I could say that hasn't been said already. But here I go anyway….One thing that is nagging at my guts is how her hilarious and magnetic personality masked a deep sense of insecurity. As much as I think of all the funny things she said and all the funny things she did, I am utterly haunted at how many times I would talk to her on the phone and listen to her sad voice talk about how she had embarrassed herself the previous night, or how bad she sucked, or how she felt like a loser or how she thought so-and-so hated her. For some reason it is these sad things she said that stuck with me; mostly because I was all the way on the east coast and that I never felt I could sufficiently cheer her up over the phone. God. Does anyone else recall as vividly as I do how, when you'd agree with her on one of her self-deprecating rants, she dejectedly say "Shuddup." I am nothing if I can't hear her say that again.

I also saw Julie as a woman torn between her dreams of comedy (which she no doubt would have fulfilled) and a sense of loyalty to her family. She made such profound impressions on some of comedy's finest; Oswalt, Posehn, Mirman, Blitz.... She had the talent, she had the brains, she had the connections... She had the potential to use these talents to her advantage. I am convinced that even at her young age, she was years ahead of most everyone out there and was absolutely on the right track. But I felt that her devotion to her nephew and other family and friends made her apprehensive of fully going for it. She made these remarkable and productive trips to LA but I think the safety net of having her family to go back to made these trips possible because she knew she didn't have to stay in LA if she didn’t want to. Don't think I am implying there is something wrong with this, because I don't. I actually found her devotion to comedy and family to be two of her sweetest and humane attributes.

I keep bouncing around my head the last days of my interaction with her. On Friday night she sent me a pic message of herself from the chest up with a note that said that she was peeing in a public restroom. Ironically, when I received that picture I was in the bathroom taking a shit. I couldn't believe the coincidence so I sent her a picture of myself with a note saying I was actually taking a shit. A short while later she gave me a call, but I was a bit drunk and just wanted to get some sleep and didn't pick up. That is the last time she tried to call me.

Saturday evening I went to see Doug Gillard (ex-GBV) perform out in Brooklyn. I got out of the show at about 11:00pm. I was pretty wasted and had a long walk home ahead of me so I gave her a call. She didn't pick up so I left one of my usual drunken, long, rambling messages that go absolutely nowhere. Trust me; she was used to messages like this from me. I remember closing by saying I hoped she was safe and that she should give me a call soon. A few hours later, and a few more beers later, I was sitting on my couch depressed she hadn't called back so I sent her a text that simply said "Oh, Julie." But at that point she was long gone. The phrase “Oh, Julie” is the only thing on my mind right now.

I am going to miss her so much. Finally getting to meet her and spend time with her after months of phone conversations and e-mails was one of the brightest moments of my life. I felt like I had made a friend like no other. BUTM is the only message board I’ve ever consistently posted at and Julie is one of the first cyber-people I’ve ever met in real life. My life is better for it.

I guess I’ll wrap it up. I wrote a lot, but did I say anything? One thing I must add is that it warms my heart to see everyone here being so articulate and genuinely reflective about this tragedy. You are all saying such amazing things and I am proud to post among such great people.

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Services have been scheduled.

This is Julie's big brother, Bobby Rackley. I've been reading the forums. I really appreciate all of the great things that everyone has said. I am so glad that she was able to do the things she's done and touch so many people at such a young age.

I've also spoken to the Bexar County officials and Sarah's father has been notified. I am hoping that they will either contact us soon. I need to forward insurance information to them to let them know that service expenses should be taken care of.

Instead of flowers, my mother mentioned that donations to the Humane Society or Animal Defense in Julie's name would be something that she would like.

Below will be the obituary that will run tomorrow moring.

Julia Ann Self

Our beloved daughter, sister, aunt, cousin, niece was tragically taken from us on Saturday, June 18th, 2005.

Julie will be truly missed by her parents, Susan and Rocky Self; grandfather, Jessie A. Self; her brothers, Bobby and his wife Leah, Ryan and his fiancé Heather and youngest brother Kyle; her aunt, Barbara, her cousins, Anthony and Michelle; her niece, Paige; her nephews, Tyler, Garrett, Austin and numerous other relatives.

In the short twenty years of her life, Julie’s fun loving spirit has touched many lives. Many people that knew her for a short time quickly considered her a dear friend. It only took meeting her once for you to become engulfed in her enthusiastic nature. Her wit was incomparable and her laugh was contagious. She lived her life to the fullest. Although we will never see her again on this earth, her spirit, humor and love of life will live on in our memories. She will always be remembered.

Services will be held on Wednesday, June 22, 2005 at 12:00pm.
Mission Park Funeral Chapels
3401 Cherry Ridge Drive
San Antonio, TX 78230

We will be gathering at my house afterwards to celebrate her life. Directions will be provided.

Please pass this information along to everyone.

Thank you,
Bobby Rackley
"your schoolgirl crush on a fictional character improv'd during a dvd commentary session is almost as adorable as it is depressing."
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I think the boards are going to quieten down here at BUTM for the next few days. I, like a few others I'm sure, really feel saddened by posting here at the moment.

People say that those you get to know on the internet aren't really friends if you haven't met them. I now know what utter bullshit this is. I may have never met Julie, but her wonderful personality was clearly conveyed in everything she wrote. I'm in a state of complete shock at the moment as to just how saddened I am by this. It has made me realise, as in Seths case, just how much she changed the way I approached comedy. She had a talent I could only ever aspire to, only attempt to emulate. This makes losing her all the worse. This doesn't just apply to me though, but everyone who has ever read BUTM. We all know just how many guests lurk on these boards, never posting. It wouldn't surprise me if many of them are feeling this too.

I was due to go see Patton tomorrow, up in London. Not sure I'll go now.
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Julie and Patton were friends. You really should go if for no other reason then in her memory.
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