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Wishes Carrot Top Well
maxwell's Avatar
Join Date: Oct 2009
Location: Boulder
Posts: 108
Seth Green.

like many rational people, i hate 'ROBOT CHICKEN'.

seth green's brain needs a vacation.

it's been said before.

the worst part of him is that he cannot, apparently, have an original idea. who needs to when you're raping the ideas of people who have been sincere before you and adding your own self-hate complex and some profanities -- showing the lowest common denominator of human behavior?

i have little respect for poor director and excellent toymaker george lucas. but all seth green has done?

how is that original again?

since i don't have ADHD, the rest of this is also for the people who can read a single idea for more than thirty seconds without calling it a rant:

why don't the rest of you kids go back to your playstations?

those intolerant moslems need to be dealt with by sincere people of religious philosophy, because what they do is threaten people's lives.

the irresponsible southpark jerks have shown that they are basically adult children, emotional retards who just can't DEAL with adult situations....now they've looked for negative attention until some of the flesh-and-blood heroes of comedy have been threatened -- as Jon Stewart freaked out about on last night's daily show.

why should i have to ask this question.

what will it take before quality control steps in?

is it all about the money southpark pulls in?

because there are funny animators who don't go where SP go just for a cheap stupid laugh.

I obviously don't refer here to MEAN RETARD SETH who only is a computer nerd who threw his damage at the industry.

to HELL with scott evil, and for now, to hell with his pandering and unoriginal "ideas" too.
05-19-2010, 06:13 AM maxwell is offline   Reply With Quote
Wishes Carrot Top Well
maxwell's Avatar
Join Date: Oct 2009
Location: Boulder
Posts: 108
how long have those mediocre Colorado cretins been ripping off Charles M. Schulz, anyway? maybe they should get their own network if they feel like poking bears with sharp sticks. Jon Stewart matters more, and free speech?

yeah, if it was only free. any of you getting free cable?

(don't jump up and say so, comcast is watching -- )

some people are such pigs, the British understand English but they are often retarded .

i understand English too. There IS no English race, there is a Human race. what were English before Rome came?

Retards. I mean -- THEY were not retards. Racists are retards. There IS no Irish Race, no English Race.

Which means they are just fucked up and stupid.

It also occurs that the Anglican Church is probably a great source of creeping, malevolent evil.
So much so that if John Lydon said that he was an anti-christ....

yeah, if what THEY were pushing was the real deal, a lot of people might say the same thing! but this nightmare must end.

i GOT CONFUSED! i thought russell brand was russell crowe.

russell crowe is a great filmmaker who is coming out with robin hood just when we need it most.

those southpark jerks are childish perverts who thrive on negative attention. they fucked around and found finally someone they hadn't fucked with yet -- and now they are getting the reals in trouble. but russel brand is a posh monkey and a complete asshole...

you know what I could do if i put my mind to it?

i could rip this off
and add curse words and call myself original.
and then i could piss everyone off and get a lot of money
and basically be a hypocrite. or i could do something original
and get some other accolades. like that little dog.

the end of those jerks. i have been to boulder. yeah, it's weird.
but they have messed around with more people. maybe it's time
for the jerks to get their own network.


i would never display this feeling to the southpark geeks

because they might geek and say something about, uh, my mom

then they would find out about North Philly where I fucking grew up all quick.

easy to have fake courage when you are hiding behind profane cutouts and a network.

now that JS has been attacked because of their not - actually - witty satire, I am jonesing for people like Tom Snyder and Ernie Kovacs. There's a whole lot of comedy that COMEDY CENTRAL http://www.comedycentral.com/ -- great site! check out their news shows...) could dredge out from the golden age. southpark may have jumped the mouth shark. i say let the compulsive hacks get their pwn damn network.

there are no "cool nerds". that's uh, why they are called nerds. maybe those social retards, now that they have used cut outs and then computers (erasing the ONLY slightly innovative thing about their shortarmed little Peanuts knockoffs, the stop-motion cutouts) -- maybe they should just, uh, get therapy, now that everyone knows about THEIR little subconscious insecurities. (or maybe Mr. Hat will be your therapist. Too bad for Prarie Home Companion fans. Hey...isn't that an ORIGINAL show? Maybe they should do it on the radio...oh, wait...)
05-19-2010, 06:17 AM maxwell is offline   Reply With Quote
Loves Carrot Top
Join Date: Jun 2010
Posts: 4
How did we get all over South Park?

Bottom line, South Park is piss myself funny. Don't care how they do it.
C. King
06-08-2010, 04:35 PM breeblebrax is offline   Reply With Quote
Wishes Carrot Top Well
maxwell's Avatar
Join Date: Oct 2009
Location: Boulder
Posts: 108
Originally Posted by breeblebrax View Post
Bottom line, South Park is piss myself funny. Don't care how they do it.

i just feel differently. is all.

i found it as funny as you say, like, five years ago.
but new stuff comes out! i'm an animator as well.
i had way more respect for them when they were doing 'cut outs'
and moving them around, because i know that's really hard work.

a wind blows...you've got to start over...
any idea is fresher when it starts. i think it's staid and dull now,
and well, they got the Daily Show people's LIVES THREATENED by fucking with the Muslims.

i respect the power of satire. I know that satire can make a lot happen and convey complex feelings. but when I look at SP now...

all i see is the Peanuts gang with foul mouths, and they aren't really being that witty.

and plus, damn am i bitter. yeah, i am bitter. this is the time of old stuff retreaded and brought out. battlestar galactica and the fucking a team. the tired as fuck old x-men. spiderman. the lord of the rings. how popular is all that shit?

nothing NEW and ORIGINAL can happen. wtf is new and original?

i am a bitter bitter comic and i think i most hate that 'there's nothing new under the sun' excuse. boring, STUPID people who felt like being derivative -- and maybe like ripping others off -- said that.

having used this page like a public toilet again, i will end this thread.

i don't REALLY want to push seth green off of the golden gate bridge.

06-12-2010, 03:47 PM maxwell is offline   Reply With Quote
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