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Wishes Carrot Top Well
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Join Date: Oct 2009
Location: Boulder
Posts: 108
yeah, well, maybe the Moon HATES you, now. you know, for what you said.

so this is dying. uncool, but i am glad i didn't waste a lotta jizz trying to knock up this impregnable fortress. that was LAST summer, and we never even got married.

bitch walks all over fucking boulder saying 'have you seen my husband? well, my husband, yeah, dat's--" -- Jersey bitch, and i fucking LOVE jersey, but her? i don't disrespect women. i only call my best female friends that stuff to their faces because they know it's a joke. and she's my best friend, but you know something? Worships Satan, does black magick? yeah, dealbreaker. anyway I BROUGHT UP THE IDEA.

Suddenly the Jersey BITCH is wandering around like a fucking TERRORIST "where's my husband. where's my fucking husband. yer not fuckin around with my Old Man, are ya?"

OLD MAN? I turned into the fuckin flash. i swear to god that next fucking morning a bolt of lightning hit my shelf and splashed chemicals all over my BRAIN thank god.

the tragedy is she was nice. as in salvageable. as in she might have multiple personalities -- but the personality when she was naked and horizontal made a lot of Oooh, Aaah, noises and that was fun to be around. but well, she had like six "husbands" before I hooked up with her.

i'm a feminist.

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Wishes Carrot Top Well
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Join Date: Oct 2009
Location: Boulder
Posts: 108
...and so this goes out to all the smart girls who became queer rather than get used by terrible fucking MOOKS who they could see through. this goes out to all the hot lovely young neodykes who chose to go to Bumpin' Donuts rather than that lame ass Hotdoggeteria. I salute you, because, guess what -- I like girls, too. I don't just SAY that i like girls so i can get my DICK wet and then go out with my homeboys and act all macho in my downlow ass hole wearing jewelry and earrings and crying on their shoulders and getting drunk so i have an excuse to (censored)

....and all the young dykes who are gorgeous and who make out in public just to drive straight young dick heads crazy and then go home without them and don't get pimped and don't let those dudes treat you like dirt, because you see it's a scam?

you are the smartest people on the planet.

don't let those fucking whiskey dicks use you. you're better off without them.

what the fuck are they gonna do? knock you up and leave you at home getting stretchmarked and feeling used -- come home and stop trying to look good for you, become fat and stupid and lame and sit there farting in the same filthy underwear, then demand blowjobs, and hey, why aren't you nice to my friends?

you know that when i say 'fuck those guys' that means keep on not fucking those guys.
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Wishes Carrot Top Well
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Join Date: Oct 2009
Location: Boulder
Posts: 108
an open letter to a fuckin hot, gorgeous netbabe.

because, i come to bury caesar, not to praise him. because i am a celibate of consciousness. if the world doesn't end in 2012 than it's open season on sweet, sweet loving. 'til then, people are subconsciously greedy, glommy, paranoid and untrusting and i love to hear sarah silverman say 'i fuckin' HATE that.'also, it very well could be that i am one of the few working writers who can WRITE on a level that great actors like you and Madonna NEED. most men are PIGS and send Madonna and other great woman actors sleazy excuses for them to be in sex scenes with them. they have no integrity and they are probably poorly potty trained nipple biters.

bad little boys who don't like their mom for cutting them loose from the teat and sending them to kindergarten.

they need therapy, but instead they make Dumb and Dumberer. That's who are Dumb and Dumberer, the two Joe Shmoes who really thought that their weakass filmmaking was superior to the talent of the actors. As much as I am glad that my friends went to the wall for me while striking -- conceited and greedy geek writers who think they don't need to respect established talents deserve to fucking STARVE! i don't mean just be too broke to make films. they deserve the gutter, laughed at and pissed on, NOTHING if they can't respect the talent. Those dorks are Dumb and Dumberer.

Just like the Wachowsky Bros. Sean Penn and Michael Douglas made The Matrix in 1997. The Bros saw it and used the advantage of advancing tech -- like nerds -- and copied most of the idea. And still no one DID anything.

There IS no Propaganda Films anymore. No doubt Michael Douglas has something in his little finger. Maybe Sean Penn have that, too. Do you, uh, "get me?" if not there is more...


Although Viacom was originally founded in 1971 (split from the original CBS Corporation), it was reincorporated in 1986, and the current Viacom was spun off (re-founded) from CBS Corporation (which is, formally, the 1986 Viacom renamed) on January 1, 2006.

You were fired from CBS...pretty much period. And you had a great show, and they canned it not for content reasons, but for some shadowy political thing behind the corporate scenes. Neither of us will ever figure out EXACTLY why in all likelyhood. I'm a PAINTER, Sarah, so I don't EVER need them. I want to know what happened, in your opinion, and not just for curiousity reasons.

We Dada people have always despised the commodification of desire that is the gallery culture. Completely. That is how Dada was born, as a gob of spit in the face of a military industrial complex that lies and lies and lies until artists become liars and abandon the creative. We all know Governments lie -- and so the Dada folk were the real anarchistic art movement LONG before the nihilism and insistence on Suck that called itself Punk for awhile.

When you are not punk, you can be beautiful, good at what you do and not hate yourself or everyone you see. Dada was anarchy before ROCK, to say nothing of Punk. dada was anarchy before elvis, let alone iggy pop. Dada has ALWAYS been anarchy of the spirit, and we don't need Johnny Rotten's approval or anyone else's.

Dada died because the painters died, it was more than a hundred years ago. It gave birth, however, to Surrealism and Salvador Dali, right?

I am his ocelot -- i am on my third life and so i could give a fuck about punks. Punks are incense I buy from the nice married Chinese girl across the street, i use them to clear the air when those crusted greyed out protest nerds go by.
also as you DON'T know I have written a multimedia play entitled "Not Really Giving A Shit."

it's going up -- and I don't intend to be sued or deserve to be -- but if you really wanna sue me, you can have my quarter.
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Wishes Carrot Top Well
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Join Date: Oct 2009
Location: Boulder
Posts: 108
Thumbs down

the great jokes of Johnny Rebel, Adolf Hitler,
and racists of every race. the great, stupid,
cruel and unfunny statements of people with
racial prejudices, ethnic and religious prejudices,
the great, stupid, cruel and unfunny jokes of the stupid and insane.

"well, that's YOUR opinion." nuh-uh.
not if i give it to someone else. maybe, then, it's OUR opinion.

perhaps the REAL meaning of "meme," a concept that has been around for far longer than computers...a meme that just circulates, and spreads, like a truth that had been missing for such a long time that everyone settled for lies.


perhaps, just good art, great prose,
even if it can't be sold to most audiences.

maybe it has some "other" "value."

i'm sick of these pigs with their wars
their excuses for hating all people, or whatever group they hate,
but when they hate women? female humans?

that's a biological poison that i BELIEVE
can be negated. i think that THAT ideological biotoxin,
that mind virus - got a little nervous near the close of 2014,
when it insisted that no one should speak the word 'feminism.'

'ah, don't look in that door, huh? nothing to see in there, huh? maybe i'll just have a look-see anyway...ah...!'
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